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Become a Trymio Partner

Trymio brings your guests an unparalleled experience in hospitality by delivering the hottest brand names in consumer goods, direct to the comfort of their rooms for use during their stay. The result is a custom curated personal shopping experience unlike any other in retail or hospitality.


Lodging partners may submit all or a portion of their rooms for inclusion in the Trymio partner network, allowing guests to book a Trymio branded room at your property and experience the products they've been dying to get their hands on while staying with you.  


When guests book a Trymio room they receive a premium experience that offers increased revenue sharing opportunities for your property, effectively monetizing your space 24/7 with personalized in-suite shopping.


There's no cost to join and your guests will come back again and again to enjoy the most rewarding  stay yet enjoying, reviewing, and purchasing from the comfort of their room!

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